Star Thistle Honey Bear 24 oz. Case of 12

Star Thistle Honey Bear 24 oz. Case of 12


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Enjoy the sunshine-taste of Star Thistle Honey in the classic honey bear bottle! These 12 oz. bottles (also available by the case in bulk) are a fun and tasty addition to any home. We harvest our honey right here at our farm in Northern Michigan. Buy it direct from the beekeeper and enjoy.


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Product Description

We’ve been making star thistle honey in Michigan for over 25 years. When we started out in 1980, we made our honey deliveries out of the back of our old Dodge dart sedan with the back seat removed. Times have been good to us and we have expanded with a great crew of beekeepers that move our bees to Florida for the winter to raise new beehives and to California in late winter for almond pollination.


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