Star Thistle Honey 12 lb. Jug (1 Gallon Honey)
Star Thistle Honey 12 lb. Jug (1 Gallon Honey)

Star Thistle Honey 12 lb. Jug (1 Gallon Honey)


Can't get enough of that Star Thistle Honey? Buy in bulk with these 1-Gallon jugs of delicious sunshine in a jar.

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Product Description

Harvested from the abundant star thistle plants of Northern Michigan by our beloved little bees, star thistle is a delicious honey that you will love. Stock up on a whole gallon of the good stuff so that you’ll always have some on hand.

3 reviews for Star Thistle Honey 12 lb. Jug (1 Gallon Honey)

  1. Chris
    5 out of 5

    Hello, I was just writing you to compliment the makers of Star Thistle Honey.I am a huge lover of honey and have tried many brands, your Star Thistle is by far my favorite. Keep up the good work, I will be a buyer of your product for life.
    Thanks, Chris

  2. Reese
    5 out of 5

    Michigan and decided to get some tea and honey. I never got to it while I was there, but when I got back home to Indiana I was anxious to taste it. Now, I consider myself a honey connoisseur. I have never tasted anything like Star Thistle. It has easily moved itself into the "favorite honey" slot, slaughtering the competition not to mention. I will be ordering as much of this as possible and i’m quite upset that it’s not in Indiana. (or is it?)

  3. John Mackey Jr
    5 out of 5

    I use your Star Thistle Honey mainly on my barbecue smoked ribs. It is outstanding !! Just about out so I will be back tomorrow to get some more!

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