All-Natural Honey

Our 100% Raw Honey is unprocessed, unheated, and pure natural goodness for your body. We offer raw honey, beeswax, mustards, creams, spreads, syrups and more – all produced in our Beulah, MI and Florida panhandle bee hives. Get it right from the beekeeper.

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Like Tupelo Honey

Get the sweet & soft taste of Tupelo Honey and our Wildflower Honey here – right from the hive. Available while supplies last.

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You’re a Star

Experience the delight of star thistle honey – in jars, in bears, in jugs. We’ve got it all.

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  • Star Thistle Honey 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket - 60 lbs.
    5 out of 5

    Star Thistle Honey 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket – 60 lbs.

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  • Star Thistle Honey Bear 24 oz.
    5 out of 5

    Star Thistle Honey Bear 24 oz.

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  • Star Thistle Honey Jug - 3 lbs.
    5 out of 5

    Star Thistle Honey Jug – 3 lbs.

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  • Wildflower Honey 16 oz. Bottle

    Wildflower Honey 16 oz. Bottle

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For over 30 years, we’ve been raising bees and making delicious honey.

From beeswax to creamed honey and everything in-between, you’ll always be satisfied with our delicious, all-natural honey.

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    Raw Honey

    Raw honey is honey that has been spun out of the natural beeswax honey combs and contains enzymes and natural bee pollen.

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    Why Raw Honey?

    For twenty-five years Sleeping Bear warmed and strained all the honey and put it in jars until one day Sharon, Kirk’s wife, suggested that many people would prefer honey in the natural granulated state. Not only does raw honey taste better with more nuanced floral essences, but it has more enzymes and healthful benefits.

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    Our Raw Honey

    What distinguishes our real raw honey is the flavor of the Star Thistle nectar that thrives in wilds of Northern Michigan so well.

Sleeping Bear Honey

Our raw honey is a spreadable, creamy, light colored, finely granulated spread harvested from Star Thistle flowers in pristine northern Michigan.

All the floral essences, enzymes, and small amounts of pollen remain. Raw honey has more floral notes than liquefied honey and the difference is noticeable and exquisite.

Our honey is spun from light colored beeswax combs which we harvest every fall and put into 55 gallon drums for cold storage.